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Jason began teaching in the fall of 1996 as a Junior in High School. “One day a freshman came up to me and said he had seen me perform and really wanted me to teach him guitar. He had been playing for a bit but wanted to learn more advanced techniques. I was very flattered. I said yes but I was very nervous. Teaching someone how to do something is a huge responsibility. You also have to be very self aware of how you do things so you can break them down for someone else.”

Jason continued teaching many others during high school and while in college. He also tutored music theory for the college at that time. “Helping other students grasp the information from music theory was a lot of fun.  It was the first time I was teaching non-guitarists about music, and teaching a music subject that wasn’t directly related to guitar. This was some of the best training I could have ever gotten. It taught me how important it is to make the subject matter tangible to a student.” 

Jason received his Associates degree in Classical Guitar Performance from The County College of Morris in New Jersey, and then attended New York University. At NYU, Jason majored in Jazz Guitar Performance. After receiving his Bachelor of Music from NYU, Jason began teaching, performing, and recording professionally. 

Jason teaches privately as well as at Westwood Music Studio in Westwood NJ, and The Music Center in Madison NJ.  Jason is comfortable teaching students of all levels, from how to first hold the guitar all the way up to professional players looking to learn more challenging techniques. He has experience teaching Finger style, Jazz, Blues, Modern Country, Rock, Metal, Shred, Note reading, Music Theory, Song writing, Improvisation, Ear training, and directing ensembles.


“Your lessons are for you! They are designed for you. I don’t believe in a specific method. Every person is different. Across all ages and levels of musical experience, a good teacher will figure out who you are as a student and adjust to each student. I strive to make everyone’s lessons as fun and inspiring as possible, whatever that means for you, because that is when you will learn and grow the most in your craft.”

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