Testimonials from Jason's Students

"Two years ago I started taking lessons with Jason as a complete beginner to the acoustic guitar. As an adult novice student, I tried other teachers but had a hard time finding someone who could instruct me in a very logical, organized fashion that made sense to me. I knew I had found the right teacher for my learning style after taking just a few lessons with Jason. He was able to get me learning chords in a way that each skill built up to the next, while mixing in necessary technique and musicality. As time has passed, he has arranged music for me to play at my level and composed classical guitar drills. He helps me strengthen all my weaknesses (hello, barre chords!) with patience and a flexible approach. Although Jason plays guitar intimidatingly well, he is incredibly down to earth, non-judgmental, and encouraging. Currently, he is teaching me very cool finger style pieces from James Taylor and John Mayer as well as music theory. 


But to appreciate Jason as an artist, musician, and teacher, you have to know that he is someone everyone can get along with-easy to talk to, wickedly funny at times, but always staying true to his craft. I feel very lucky to be his student. 


If you are on the fence, I encourage you to try Jason out and see for yourself. You will be glad you did."

Connie T.

I started taking lessons from Jason in middle school when I wanted to learn to play blues and rock guitar. By the time I left for college as a jazz musician, he was still my guitar teacher. And even today, he’s my go to when I need any help with technique. For Jay to be able to stay relevant and interesting as a teacher throughout my own musical growth is something that speaks worlds about his breadth of knowledge regarding not only the guitar, but also music in general. Many music teachers have to teach different styles of music to students of varying levels of experience, however, very few are actually good at it… and I’m pretty sure Jason can teach anything about the guitar to anybody if they’re willing to listen.

As a player, his technical facility on the guitar is right up there with any of the great masters I’ve ever heard. But his ability to take that side of his playing and pair it with the more sensitive, emotional stuff is where he really excels.

Jason is one of the people that constantly reminds me, without saying anything, why I love music so much. I can’t thank him enough, as a mentor, fellow guitarist, and great friend, for everything that he’s done and continues to do for me.


Marc S.

As a student of Jason for over 5 years, I can attest to the superb quality of his lessons.  Jason's approach to the guitar makes learning to play feel natural for both the beginning and advanced player.  I have fallen in love with the guitar and am constantly inspired to play and I can absolutely credit Jason for this passion.

Chris M.

I have been a student of Jason’s for over ten years. Jason is one of the best teachers around. Well-versed in all genres and music theory, Jason can have each student realizing their dreams on guitar. He tailors his teaching style to each student in order to help them reach their unique goals. This is important, as some aspects of guitar aren’t for everyone. Jason makes sure each student will love the instrument as much as he does regardless of the path they take to reach their goals.


Lessons are fun and upbeat but focused, and I always leave as a better guitar player than when I walked in an hour prior. Jason has been able to keep me ambitious and driven, challenging me to improve on a daily basis. The last ten years of my life would be vastly different had I not discovered the guitar and had I not signed up for lessons with Jason, I would have never developed the love for the instrument that I have today.

Thomas M.

I started taking lessons with Jason around 14 years old until about 18 when I left for go to college to study music. He was the first teacher I had who truly inspired me to take practicing/playing music and honing my craft to a different level. Watching his masterful style of playing made me realize how much I wanted to be better. He introduced to so many effective practice methods, techniques, theory, and so much more. Along with that he introduced me to so many new artists and guitar players as well as helping analyze their techniques/style with me. This helped pave the way to allow me to do my own analysis in my study of the guitar. He showed me that regular practice and hard work is essential to maximizing your talents and he does it in a very approachable and non-condescending manner. I am now 25 and am a full time musician and guitar instructor based out of Chicago and I never would have been able to do that without his help. I would ABSOLUTELY recommend Jason for any aspiring student of any skill level! Thanks Jason!

Justin C.

After spending my years not improving with my guitar I found it frustrating and amazed when I would see others play with ease and understanding.  I was lucky enough to sign up for lessons almost two years ago and discover Jason who is a master of this instrument. What I found over these last two years was I was playing the guitar but not learning the guitar. Jason is able to break things down into simple methodical practice routines and with discipline and daily practice things become mastered.  I can only say that I would rank Jason as one of the most inspiring teachers.  An added perk of the lesson is to watch and see up close how someone can play things that you only hear on records. If your serious about improving, you won't find any better.

David W.

My son Louie has been taking guitar lessons with Jason for about a year and a half. I was very careful in choosing the right teacher for my son. It was important to me that his teacher has experience with teaching kids and has a solid music background. I believe that when you’re learning how to play an instrument it is important to learn all the basics. Jason was a perfect fit for us. He is an professional musician and a great teacher. Louie looks forward to his lessons. He enjoys Jason’s expertise in Rock & Roll. Every lesson is fun and educational. I am happy to recommend Jason as guitar teacher to anyone who’s interested in learning how to play guitar.

Edie G.

Jason DeGeorge is an outstanding guitar teacher!  My daughter started lessons with Jason when she was 8 years old and she has progressed beautifully over the past 3 years.  His focus on having her master the basic skills as a beginner has provided her with the necessary foundation for playing various music genres.  With Jason’s careful guidance, she has now transitioned easily from acoustic to electric guitar.  Jason also allowed her to select many of the songs she has learned which makes the lessons fun.  He is a very talented guitar player and his enjoyment of music is reflected in his teaching style.  He is kind, patient and encouraging.  Jason is a gifted instructor and I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for expert instruction and an enjoyable learning experience.

Nancy A.

I have been studying with Jason for over 5 years now and I am playing songs I could only dream of before. When I first started he asked what do you want to do and I explained I wanted to learn finger picking and to basically play better. He put together a plan and we started and now I can play songs like, Landslide, Dust in the wind, Just Breathe to name a few and he has patience that he really needs with me. He is a great guitarist and a great teacher. I recommend if you want to play guitar, he is the one to teach you what you want and he will make sure you do it the right way.

Skip M.

I started taking guitar lessons with Jason when I was 8 years old and continued until I was 18. Within that decade of knowing Jason he has taught me so much about playing guitar, from playing electric versus acoustic, finger picking versus strumming, how to read and write music, etc. He can do it all. Not only is Jason a highly talented and truly gifted guitar player, but he is a very friendly, cooperative, patient, and understanding teacher. He works well with people of all ages, and I can personally attest to that because I've taken lessons from him once a week for 10 years of my life. If you're looking for a well versed and friendly guitar teacher, I highly recommend taking lessons with Jason! 

Chloe C.

Jay is an inspiring teacher who has helped me improve in all the dimensions of musicianship.  Whether it’s chords, soloing, guitar pedals, left and right hand strength or even advanced music theory, Jay is ready to go there in as much depth as I’m ready for.  I appreciate being able to shift gears and pursue my musical interests without losing a step.  Oh, and the guy can shred like a monster!

Brian F.

As an older guitar student, I wanted to take up lessons where I left off at age 12.  Now retired with some time on my hands I was fortunate to find Jay DeGeorge


Jay has opened up a new world of music for me. He is an outstanding guitar teacher, that tailors each lesson to my individual strengths and weaknesses.  He doesn't rely on prefabricated music lesson books but rather has developed his own style that gets results quickly. He has an in depth knowledge of music theory which he incorporates into his lessons .  Jay is not only a guitar teacher but he also is a professional musician that performs, records and accompanies. So he knows of what he speaks.  


After only a few lessons Jay has taught me to play the dreaded barre chord. With his special techniques he made it painless and fun.


I look forward to my guitar lessons,  they have  become the highlight of my week.

Tom E.

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